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We are not neutral I negotiate by and for my clients especially in share holders conflicts, family business plan, foundations and trust
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Our values

All our Lawyers and Partners promise to respect this compromise list and act always by an ethic an fair play by this 10 pointsa:

  1. Study: The Law is alive and change all the time . If you don´t follow their steeps you will be less lawyers day by day

  2. Think: The law learnt by study but works by thinking.

  3. Work:The lawyers skill is a hart work on the Justice service.

  4. Fight: Our duty is figth by the right but the day you are amounth the right and the justice you must figth by the JUSTICE.

  5. Loyalty We must be loyaly with our client until you understand you find is unfair. Be fair with your opponent even if he is not. Loyalty with the judge , even if he ignore the facts and must listen to you; the law some times must be invocate be fair with anyone.

  6. Tolerante: Be openmind to listen the opponent true if you want they understand you.

  7. Pacient: The paciente is the value of intelligent people.

  8. Beleave: Believe in the law like the best tool order the humanity factors, in the Justice like the consequence from the law, and in the freedom without it the Justice, Law, rights or pad is not possible.

  9. Forget: The lawyer work is full of passion and is not possible to keep rancour .Finish the battle forget the visctory or the lose.

  10. Love your career: Try to find your work us a reference to be an honour recoment it even for your kid if the us you for their destinity.

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